Security notification email settings

What is a security notification email sent from RemoteView?
This is a notification option that allows administrators to keep track of user activities and changes directly related to security.

By enabling the settings, notification will be sent on
 1. Log in attempts from an overseas IP
2. Start of remote control
3. Password change activity
4. Delete an Agent

By sending a notification email to the administrator/user at the same time,
they can recognize and respond to unintended access and changes.
(sent only when email is registered in user information)


[How to enable the option]
Login > Preferences > Company settings > Notify by email on security events > Select Use All > Check the boxes



*This option is available to the administrator only for enterprise license users.
Please, contact your administrator if you are an enterprise license user and needs to enable the option.

[Detailed description]
(1) Overseas IP login: default value is the country where the RemoteView account was created. All attempts made other than this location will be notified by email.

* How to block the logins from overseas?

From the same screen, find the option 'Block international login (IP)' and set to Use All.


(2) Password change: When a user changes the login password, a notification email is sent to the user and the administrator.

* Are all notification emails sent to both the user and to the administrator?

Yes. Unless otherwise specified, all user notification emails are sent to the administrator as well. To receive only the administrator's own security notifications, check 'Send email only on admin security event.' box.

(3) Start of remote control: When a user starts controlling a remote device, notification e-mail is sent to the user and the administrator to alert that a remote control has started.


The administrator who received the notification email can end the user's remote control by clicking the 'End remote control' button in the e-mail.


(4) Delete an Agent: When a user deletes an Agent from remote PC list, a notification e-mail is sent to the user and the administrator to alert that the list has been modified.




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