RemoteView provides an option to limit the access time so that remote control is allowed only during the specified time slot.

This feature is available to Enterprise license holders only.

Follow the steps below to set the times.


1. Log in to the RemoteView (
2. Click “Preferences” on the top.
3. From the left menu bar, click “Company settings".
4. Scroll down to “Security Settings” and set the option "Set the available connection time" to Use All.



Connectable times can be configured by group/user.

4-1. Set remote control expiration time


Set the user's remote control usage time.


4-2. Set the available connection time


Set the user's remote control access schedule by day/time.


4-3. Agent group connection time


After enabling the option, actual time can be set from the remote PC management menu and by selecting a group > right-click > select the "Agent group connection time"


※ User and agent group connection time option cannot be used at the same time.

※ Service access time can be custom set per user. Company managers or the administrator are not affected by this time limitation.

※ To individually exclude a specific user, select User settings and go to User Managements > right click on the user account > select Properties > select Disable access restriction time.


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