A one-time password (OTP) is a temporary security code valid for a single login, used to authenticate users as part of Two-factor authentication (2FA). This method adds an extra layer of security to minimize the risk of vulnerabilities associated with repeated use of the same password. 

RemoteView provides 2FA for both administrator and user logins, but this feature is only available with the Enterprise license. To upgrade from the Standard license, please submit an inquiry.

Please follow the instructions to set up OTP. 


[OTP Configuration]

*This option is only managed from the administrator account.

1) Log in to the RemoteView website (https://www.www.rview.com) with an administrator account.



2) Go to Preferences > Company Settings > Security Settings > OTP Configuration > Select Admin mode or User mode > Click Apply

  • Admin mode: The authentication keys are generated and distributed from the administrator account. Administrators can view the authentication keys for users from the User Management tab.                     
  • User mode: The authentication keys are generated and distributed from both the administrator and user accounts. The authentication keys for users can only be viewed by the respective users (not visible to administrators).



3) Enter the administrator account password in the pop-up window, then click Send to complete. 



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