How to Set Up Screen Lock on Agent

The screen lock must be configured on the remote PC. Follow the instruction to set screen lock.


[Screen Lock]

1. Right-click on the Agent icon in the taskbar 


2. Go to Security > Screen Lock Settings



3. Select the screen lock type

  • Monitor Off
  • Monitor Driver
  • Black Layer

The available screen lock types will be activated based on the PC environment. 


Monitor Off
- Description: Locks the screen by controlling the monitor power
- Supported OS: Windows Vista, Windows Server versions equivalent of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (not applicable for laptops)

Monitor Driver
- Description: Locks the screen by blocking signals to the monitor
- Supported OS: Most Windows and equivalent Windows Server versions

Black Layer
- Description: Locks the screen by covering it with black layer
- Supported OS: Windows XP sp3+, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and equivalent Windows Server versions


4. Run the test

Select the screen lock type > Click Run the test > Install screen lock driver > Proceed with the test

If the screen turns off and turns back on after 10 seconds, the test has been successful. 

Once the test is completed, click Success. If the test fails, select a different screen lock type and proceed with the test.


5. Apply the screen lock type

If the test is successful, each method will display whether it can be applied or not.
Select the option and click Apply.



[Circumstances where screen lock is unavailable]

*For Agent

- Laptop: Intel HD Graphics 3000 or higher graphics card

- Desktop: A monitor connected via USB (Or if the monitor is not a standard display)

- Screen lock is not supported on Mac OSX and virtual environments


*For Viewer

- On Mac OSX, the remote screen lock must be manually activated after connection



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