How to Change Access Account for Agent

The access account can be changed in three ways: 

  1. When logged into the RemoteView website
  2. When connected to the remote PC
  3. Using the RVAgent app. 

Follow the instructions to change the account.


[When logged into the RemoteView Website]

1) Go to the RemoteView website ( > Log in with the RemoteView account


2) On the Remote PC tab, right-click on the Agent > Select Change Access ID/PW



3) Change the access account for Agent.

  • Current password: Enter the RemoteView password for accessing the website.

  • User ID/Agent log in password/Verify password: Generate the new access account.


4) The new access account can be used from the next login for remote control.  


[When connected to the remote PC]

  • This method requires the current access account for Agent.
  • If the access account is lost, use the RemoteView website instead.


1) In the taskbar, click on the Agent icon > Select Preferences


2) Go to Preferences > Security > Click Change in the ‘Change Access ID and Password’ section


3) After entering the current access account, set up a new access account, then save the changes 



[Using the RVAgent app]


1) Install and launch the RVAgent app



2) Log into the app



3) Go to the Settings



4)  Go to Change Access ID

After entering the current Access ID and Password, set up a new Access ID and Password, then save the changes 


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