For customers in environments where video conferencing is only possible through remote devices, we provide the "Prepare remote video conferencing" option.

[1] Install the remote video / audio driver.

The remote video / audio driver must be installed to use the "Prepare remote video conferencing" option.

■ Installation steps: Start remote control> Click the "R:" button on the control bar of the remote screen> Click the Install remote video / audio button.



[2] Select the "Prepare remote video conferencing" button.

After the driver is installed, press the "Prepare remote video conferencing" button to configure video conferencing through remote devices.

The "Prepare remote video conferencing" button can be found at the bottom right of the viewer or in Menu > Tools > Prepare remote video conferencing.

When you press the button, the video conference ready notification is displayed, and the icon at the bottom right of the viewer is enabled (green).

If "Prepare remote video conferencing" is clicked for the first time, the video conferencing device settings will pop-up automatically.




[3] Video conferencing device settings



(* The video conferencing device settings pop-up is displayed when you click the "R:" button on the upper left of the viewer > the video conferencing device settings button.)


The "Video Conferencing Device Settings" function allows you to set the device (video / audio device) so that video conferencing can be performed through a remote device when using Remote View. Check the device connected on remote device and make the selection.

[4] Try video conference using a remote device

After installing the remote video / audio driver and setting up the video conferencing device, select the "Prepare remote video conferencing" button.

(Important) When proceeding with a video conference on a remote device, select the device (virtual video and audio device) below and save it.


  • Video device: RSupport Virtual Camera
  • Audio device (microphone): RSupport Virtual Microphone
  • Audio device (speaker): RSupport Virtual Speaker

 Now you are all set to use the video conferencing service through remote devices in RemoteView.

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