Follow the instructions below to delete Agent from the list and reinstall it.  


1. How to Delete Agent

(1) Visit the RemoteView website ( and log in with the RemoteView account.

(2) In default mode, right-click on the monitor icon and select Delete. In Simple View, click the three-dots menu of the Agent and select Delete.


                           [Default Mode]                                                [Simple View] 


(3) Click Delete.

(4) Enter the access account to delete.


2. How to Reconfigure Remote PC 

(1) Click the ‘Add PC’ button under the Remote PC tab.



                      [Default Mode]                                                   [Simple View]


(2) Proceed with the installation. 


(3) Once the RemoteView Agent installation is complete, it can be immediately used. 

*Note: If the IP address has changed, reinstalling Agent is not required.

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