The top menu bar in Video Mode Control includes the same features as the Remote Control, but without Draw and More menus. 


[Video Mode Control Top Menu Bar]


1. R:

Settings: Adjust control quality and other settings
Video conferencing device settings: Configure devices for video conferences during the remote session

Always on top: Keep the Viewer window always on top
Open “Received Files” folder: Open the folder where files received from Agent are saved

Received Files: Display the list of files received during the session

Lock Viewer: Block the Viewer screen; unlock by entering the access password
End: Exit remote control 


2. Control

Controls: Remotely control the mouse and keyboard of the Agent
Mouse Chase: The movement of mouse is remotely controlled in the Viewer
Send ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’: The Viewer displays the results when the key is pressed on the Agent


3. Display

Multi Monitor: Select a monitor of the Agent (for a multi-monitor setup)
Zoom: Zoom in and out of remote screen on the Viewer
Fit to screen: Fit the screen to the Viewer window size
Actual size: Display the remote screen in its actual size
Full screen: Control the remote screen in full screen mode

Hide Remote Screen: Apply a black layer on the remote screen if screen lock feature is enabled


4. Tool

Screen Capture: Capture the remote screen

Send URL: Enter a URL to open the corresponding page on the Agent

Send file: Transfer files from Viewer to Agent
Receive file: Transfer files from Agent to Viewer
Clipboard Sharing: Transfer contents saved in the clipboard between Viewer and Agent

Sound sharing: Audio content played on Agent is shared in real-time

Record: Record the remote session

Preparing for a video conference: Set up the device for a video conference during remote control


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