How to Download & Install RemoteView PC Agent (Windows)

1. Download PC Agent

  • Click here to install automatically


2. Install PC Agent

  ① Open the RemoteView Agent installer file and run it. To continue, click Next.

  ② Read the Terms and Conditions, and click I Agree.


*To install RemoteView Agent, you must accept this agreement. If you select No, the setup will close.

  ③ Enter the PC Name and click Next. The PC Name is the name that appears in the remote device list under the Remote PC tab.   


  ④ Configure proxy server and click Next. If unsure, click No use a proxy server.


  ⑤ Enter RemoteView User ID and Password, then click Next.



  ⑥ Create a new Access ID and Password to access the Agent, then click Next.

  • The Access account is essential to connect to remote devices.
  • The first login requires your RemoteView ID and password.
  • The second login requires your Access ID and password to connect to the Agent.   

  ⑦ Proceed with the installation.

  ⑧ Install a remote printer if necessary. Click Finish to complete the installation.


  ⑨ Log into the RemoteView website ( and start a remote session!

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