For Agent (Remote PC)

1. Visit the RemoteView website ( and log in with the RemoteView account.

  • Enter Company ID, User ID, and Password


2.  Click the 'Add PC’ button

*This action does not require installing Simple Launcher 


[Default Mode]



[Simple View]


4. The InstallShield Wizard window will pop up. Proceed with installation. 

*The PC Name can be changed.


5. RemoteView requires two login steps to initiate remote control:

1) The first login uses the RemoteView account for accessing the RemoteView website. 

2) The second login uses the access account when connecting to the device (Agent). Create your Access ID and Password.


6. Complete the installation process.


7. Click F5 to refresh and check whether the Agent icon appears in the status bar. 


8. Apply the options in the Settings

Click on the hidden icons in the taskbar > Right-click on the Agent icon > Settings > Select Auto-login when they system starts and Unlock SLEEP*

*This function wakes up the Agent and continues with the remote session

After completing the steps, proceed with a remote session. 

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