[How to Delete A Single Agent]

  1. Go to the RemoteView website (www.rview.com) > Log in with the RemoteView account 
  2. Right-click on the Agent to delete and click Delete.  
  3.  Enter the access account for the Agent, then click OK to delete.

  4. The Agent has been deleted.

    *Click here to learn more about How to Delete Agent & Change Access Account  


[How to Bulk Delete Multiple Agents]

For Enterprise users, only administrators can perform bulk deletions. 

1. Select multiple Agents to delete  > Use right-click > Select Batch remove Agent


2. Verify password : Enter the password for your RemoteView account.


3. Go to the Preferences tab > Company Settings > Security Settings > Delete A Standard User > Use All

*The administrator must allow users to delete Agents. 


[How to Uninstall RemoteView]

  1. Open the Windows Start menu > Click Settings > Apps > Installed apps
  2. Search for RemoteView Agent > Click RemoteView Agent > Select Uninstall 

*Location: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\RSUPPORT

  1. When this pop-up appears, click Uninstall

  2. Enter the RemoteView account for accessing the RemoteView website.


[ How to Forcefully Uninstall RemoteView]

In case you forgot the RemoteView account, forcefully uninstall RemoteView using the following way: 

  1. When the RemoteView user authentication window appears, keep the fields blank and click Cancel
    (If you proceed after entering the ID/password, a message saying “This computer has been deleted, so further commands cannot be executed’ will appear.)


  2. When the message 'Do you want to cancel the deletion?’ appears, select No
  3. Once the Agent has been deleted, the program will be uninstalled successfully. 


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