What Can I Do When The RemoteView Viewer Freezes After The "Waiting For Connection. Please Wait One Moment" Message Appears

1. The RemoteView Viewer application may have been corrupted by a virus or a malware

a. Click on the Windows Start button, in the Run Command window at the bottom of the Pop-up menu, type %temp%. In the Temp folder that pops up, please delete rvconsol50 file. Reboot your local computer and try remoting into the remote desktop again. 
b. Run a full scan of your local desktop with an antivirus program, reboot the local desktop and try again.

2. The ActiveX file that is part of the Rview application may be damaged
a. From your local hard drive, c:\windows\Downloaded Program Files, remove RSUpCtdl Control file 
b. Reboot and try again 

If RemoteView site is being restricted from IE internet option: - Add RemoteView website to the Trusted Sites list. (Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> For personal, add "www.rview.com" / for business, add "biz.rview.com)

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