This is a guide on how to configure settings for remote control to match the environment.



- From the top menu, click R: > Select Configuration



  1. Performance and Control: Adjust the control quality and control mode of the Viewer
  2. Keyboard: Change keyboard layouts if it doesn't function properly
  • Standard: Use the latest keyboard input (new API)
  • Basic: Use the older keyboard input (legacy API)
  1. Mouse
  • Show remote cursor: Display the mouse cursor on the Agent
  • Use remote cursor: Use the mouse cursor from the Agent.



  1. Image Quality: Adjust color sharpness and select between standard and high quality 
  2. Screen: Toggle the H/W decoder and Automatic scroll functions
  • H/W decoder: Disabling this option increases CPU usage


Media devices: Configure audio and camera devices used for preparing video conferences and sound sharing. 



  1. Virtual Drivers: Install the driver needed to load devices for video conferencing
  2. Remote Printer Driver: Install the driver to print documents from host PC 



  1. Applications
  • Save viewer information: Save the last state of the Viewer
  • Always on top: Set the Viewer screen to always stay on top
  • Use UI effects: Display the screen with smooth motions
  • Language: A range of languages are supported: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese


6. Information: About the Viewer

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