Guide for “This RemoteVIew ID is already in use” Message (Error Code: 8050)


If the message appears as above, follow the instruction to resolve the error. 


[Error Code: 8050]



"This RemoteView ID is already in use."

"Another user is remote controlling this system."


Why this happens:

1. Another user is currently connected

2. The previous remote session did not end properly

3. The previous process did not terminate properly when controlling via PC to PC (WebViewer)

4. A process from another control mode did not terminate

(E.g. switching from Video Control Mode to WebViewer)


How to resolve:

The error code 8050 typically occurs when another user is already remotely controlling the system. If no other user is connected to the PC, follow the instructions.



1. Terminate Connection in the Settings


[Simple View]


[Default View]


■ Log into RemoteView with an administrator account

Click Preferences > Company Settings > In the Security Settings, select Use All for Force to terminate a connection (Standard User)


2. Check Connection


■ Go to the Remote PC tab > Right-click on the Agent > Select Verify to Connect > Click Forcefully Terminate Remote Control

3. Restart Service and Restart System


■ Go to the Remote PC tab > Right-click on the Agent > Select Verify to Connect > Select Control Tools > Click Restart Service or Click Shutdown > System Restart

  • Restart Service: Restart Agent
  • System Restart: Reboot PC


4. Allow Firewall and Security Programs

If firewalls and security programs are used on the remote PC (Agent), they must be configured to allow necessary processes and server information.

Submit an online inquiry to request a list of firewalls and verify it with your IT department.


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