How Do I Make Use Of The Remote Printer Function?

Remote Printing function refers to the ability to print documents located at the remote site on the local printer. This is done by installing a virtual printer driver on the remote desktop computer. The virtual printer driver sends across the data over to the local desktop computer and printed locally. 

Please follow these instructions. 

1. Launch the Hot Button Dialogue box found at the notation box located at the bottom of the remote desktop window. 
2. On the right-hand top corner of the Hot Button Dialogue box, click on the mini Menu icon. From the Drop-Down menu, please choose to install the Remote Printer Driver. 
3. From inside the Rview Viewer, launch an application and follow the regular procedure for printing a document. 
- From the Print window, choose Rsupport Remote Printer 5 from the printer name window and then proceed to print. 
4. The Print dialogue Box launches at the local desktop computer. Proceed to print the document at the local printer.

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