How Can I Send And Receive Files With The Remote Desktop?

1. Across the top of the agent application, click on the Send File command under the Tools menu. 
2. Click on the"Add"" button to browswe through your hard disk. 
3. Once the file you wish to send over to the remote desktop has been added to the Send File window, click"Send"". 
4. The files that are sent are automatically saved in the My Documents\RSUPPORT\RemoteView\Received Files folder 
* RemoteView 5.0 support Drag & Drop feature making file transfers easier. 

- Method 1 
1. Click on the connection window, and click on the Menu button located at the top right hand corner. 
2. From the drop down box, click on"Receive Files"". 
3. Click on the file that you want to receive in the Receive Files window 
4. Click,"Receive" 

- Method 2 
1. Activate the connection window at the remote location. 
2. Click on the menu button on the right hand corner of the connection window. 
3. From the drop down menu, select"Send Files" 
4. Select files to receive from the remote desktop and click"Add"". 
4. Finish by clicking on the"Send"" button. 

- The received file is autmatically saved in the default My Documents\RSUPPORT\RemoteView\Received Files folder at the local PC 
- Please click on the My Documents\RSUPPORT\RemoteView\Received Files folder to confirm of the sent file. 
* File transfer function is not available on the systems running Windows Vista"

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