Some Application's Screen Such As Game And CAD Shows In Black. How Can I View It?

If a specific application, such as game or CAD, change the video mode to compatibility mode. High speed mode delivers the entire screen, but might have compatibility issue with DirectX and show that particular application's screen in black. 

To change the video mode, 
1. Get connected with remote PC and click on the blue R icon on the left-top corner of the viewer. 
2. Select Settings. 
3. Select Compatibility mode in Video and press Apply. 
4. Viewer will be refreshed and correct images will be displayed. 

If DirectX based program is used often, set the default graphic mode to Compatibility mode so that it saves the step of changing it in every connection. To do this, 
1. Log in to RemoteView website and go to My Computers. 
2. Right click on the PC to be controlled and select Properties. 
3. Select Settings tab. 
4. Change the Video compression to Low. 
5. Press OK to save the changes.

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