How to Connect to & Control Agent (When the Agent is inactive)

To connect and control the Agent, it must be turned on and RemoteView must be running. 


If the Agent is turned off: 

Right-click the Agent or click the menu on Agent > Select Verify to Connect and check the connection status.


For Viewer (Host PC)

1. Visit the RemoteView website ( and log in with the RemoteView account

  • Enter Company ID, User ID, and Password


2.  Click Install Simple Launcher > Run the exe. file



3. Close the “Installation has completed” message.


 4. Right-click the Agent > Select Remote Control

*Note: Try all three control modes and use the most appropriate mode for your PC.


5. Enter the access account


6. Start remote control

The monitor icon will turn green for Agent, indicating that the remote session is active.

During the session, you can open multiple windows on a single PC to view different remote screens simultaneously. The number of Viewer windows that can be opened simultaneously may vary based on your computer and network environment. 

Generally, if your computer and network meet RemoteView’s recommended specifications, you can effortlessly connect and view 2 to 3 remote screens in a multi-monitor setup. 

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