This guide outlines the convenient features of Remote Control, including a simple and expanded screen layout.


[Full Screen Mode During Remote Control]


[Remote Control Top Menu Bar]


 1. R: 

Configuration: Set control quality/mode, media devices, driver installation
Always on top: Keep the Viewer window always on top
Lock the viewer: Block the Viewer screen
Remote control status: View the Agent name, resolution, operating system information
End connection: Exit the remote control session 


2. Control 

Mouse/Keyboard control: Remotely control the mouse and keyboard of the Agent
Show remote cursor: Displays the mouse cursor on the Agent

Send Ctrl+Alt+Del: The Viewer displays the results when the key is pressed on the Agent

Send Win+L: The Viewer displays the results when the key is pressed on the Agent

On-Screen keyboard: A virtual keyboard opens on the Agent


3. Screen

Select display: Choose a monitor to display on the Agent (for a multi-monitor setup)
Launch multiviewer: Open a separate window for each monitor in a multi-monitor setup

Lock remote screen: Apply a black layer on the remote screen if screen lock feature is enabled

Navigator: Adjust the ratio of remote screen on the Viewer
Custom zoom: Zoom in and out of remote screen on the Viewer
Fit to screen: Fit the screen to the Viewer window size
Actual size: Display the remote screen in its actual size
Full screen: Control the remote screen in full screen mode


4. Tool

Send file: Transfer files from Viewer to Agent
Receive file: Transfer files from Agent to Viewer
Open received folder: View the folder containing files received from Agent

Capture screen: Capture the remote screen >C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rsupport\RemoteView\Captured Files

Record: Record the remote session >C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rsupport\RemoteView\Recorded Files

Audio sharing: Audio content played on Agent is shared in real-time
Prepare for video conference: Set up the device for a video conference during remote control


5. More

System information: View the system information of the Agent
Shortcuts: View the shortcut keys available for use on Windows 


6. Other

Easily switch between monitors on the Agent in a multi-monitor setup.

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