Differences Between Remote Control, Video Mode Control, and WebViewer

1. What is Remote Control on RemoteView?

Remote Control is a viewer that is only available on Windows. Utilizing RSUPPORT’s proprietary H.264 video encoding technology, “XENC”, it enables Full HD YouTube video playback. Through RSNet network technology, it provides fast data transmission for a smooth UI/UX, including multi-monitor Viewers, simple configuration, and a virtual keyboard for an enhanced RemoteView experience.


2. What is Video Mode Control?

Video Mode Control delivers faster performance than Remote Control on screens with frequent changes. Using XENC technology, it provides up to 30 FPS, allowing seamless Full HD YouTube video playback. RSNet network technology also ensures smooth and rapid data transmission.


3. What is WebViewer?

WebViewer allows remote control through a web browser, based on XENC technology. This mode enables convenient and effortless remote sessions from any location without installing any programs on the host PC.


 4. Differences Between Remote Control, Video Mode Control, and WebViewer


▣ Video Driver Framebuffer

    Example) Video Driver Configuration Module and Hardware Panel Output Flow


  • What is a Framebuffer? 

It is a portion of RAM (memory) containing a bitmap that drives a video display.

  • The three essential parts of Framebuffer often include color, depth, and stencil.


▣ XENC ?

  • What is XENC?

XENC is a video compression library optimized for reducing video data and watching videos. 

  • Advantages of XENC:
  • Fast Speed: Quick transmission due to reduced video data
  • Small Data: Optimizes compression control conditions to increase the compression ratio
  • Optimized Video Viewing: Adjusts the video compression ratio according to network speed and optimizes transmission for viewing
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