[Notice] RemoteView Mobile Update on Jan 24th 2013

The RemoteView mobile application has been updated to address inconsistencies and increase usability.


Update Availability:

San Francisco: January 23rd – 10:00PM – 11:00PM (PST)

New York: January 24th – 1:00AM – 2:00AM (EST)

London: January 24th – 6:00PM – 7:00PM (GMT)


Patch Information:

January 24th, 2013



Android + iOS


Improved data communication security


Improved the layout of the RemoteView mobile application


Improved ‘List of Remote PC(s)’ to better resemble the web interface


Improved ‘Remote PC(s) Details’ to better resemble the web interface


Moved ‘Add-in Features’ from the main menu to its own separate menu


Added ‘Notification Window’ Feature


Added ‘WOL’ (Wake on LAN) functionality:


–          WOL provides the ability to turn on your remote PC from your mobile application


Added ‘Application Lock’ Feature


–          Application Lock…All perfomed actions on the RemoteView mobile application will be applied to the locked application.



iOS [Only]


Merged ‘Mouse’ and ‘Two-way Integration’ into one feature


Addressed additional bugs and errors

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