Guide to Preparing for a Video Conference and Device Settings

By installing virtual video/audio drivers on the Agent, video conferencing can be launched using the camera and audio devices of the Viewer.



1. Available only in Remote Control/Video Mode Control.

2. The Agent must be running Windows 10 or higher versions:

- Virtual video/audio is supported on Windows 10 64-bit or later

- Virtual video/audio is not supported on Windows Server series or Mac OS


[How to Use Remote Video/Audio]

*For Remote Control

1. Connect to the Agent by remote control


2. When connected, click R: from the top menu bar > Configuration > Media Devices > Select video conferencing devices (speaker, microphone, camera) for each settings


3. Install the remote video/audio drivers on the Agent

- Click R: > Configuration > Driver > Virtual Drivers > Click Install

*Please note that the driver installation is complete when it is displayed as ‘Uninstall.’


*For Video Mode Control

1.  Connect to the Agent by video mode control


2. When connected, click R: > Video Conferencing Device Settings (camera, microphone, speaker) 

- Video and Audio is set as ON automatically as default

- Click Save


3. Install remote video/audio driver on the Agent

- From floating menu bar, click R: > Install Remote Video/Audio

- Install the driver 


If the driver is already installed, Uninstall remote video/audio will be displayed. 


4. Confirm the installation of remote video/audio driver on the Agent

- Search for Device Manager > Audio inputs and outputs > Check the driver installation status

  1) Audio inputs and outputs

  • Microphone (Rsupport Virtual Microphone) 
  • Speaker (Rsupport Virtual Speaker)

  2) Imaging devices

  • Camera (Rsupport Virtual Camera)




   - Confirm that the devices are properly installed and applied to the Agent

      1) Check the microphone and speaker 

          Go to Windows > System > Sound > Select devices for input and output sources

      2) Check the camera

         Go to Windows > Bluetooth & Devices > Cameras


5. On the host PC, click Tools > Preparing for a video conference to start video conferencing using the camera and microphone



[An Example of Using Remote Video/Audio]

1. Conduct a video conference using RemoteMeeting

  • The camera, microphone, speaker devices on the Agent must be set to RSupport Virtual Camera/Microphone/Speaker
  • Verify that the camera, microphone, speaker devices from the Viewer appear on the Agent.
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