[Notice] RemoteView ASP & Moblie Update

Dear Customers,


Thank you for your continued support of RSUPPORT. We are glad to inform you about our fixes on issues that occurred after the release of our latest version will be released as scheduled below:


Date: August 24, 2011.


Update Details


1) Manuals are now available on the website

2) The language error has been fixed.

3) Remote explorer has been fixed to recognize A drive.


Personal Version

1) Allow usage of the old version coupon.

2) Connection issue when switching the Windows user has been fixed.


Corporate Version

1) Addition of IP addresses on the Statistics record.

2) Version transition error has been fixed.

3) Password Validation error has been fixed.

4) "500 error" display error has been fixed.

5)Addition of the Favorites.



1)Support multitasking.

2)’Settings’ button position has been adjusted.

3)Support Bluetooth keyboard.

4)Addition of disconnection notification at the end of the session.



1)Retention of connection even after remaining idle for a long period.

2)Settings display error during the session has been fixed.


We expect minimal downtime and advise that temporary outages of service are a possibility. we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team at support.us@rsupport.com.


Thank you once again for your continued support of RSUPPORT and RemoteView.

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