RemoteView BOX - Precautions when recording with RemoteView BOX

Please, read the following precautions while using the recording option.


Is it possible to record only if the Internet is connected to the RemoteView Box?


  • RemoteView BOX recording option can be used even if the Internet is not connected or the agent is not logged in.
  • If the RemoteView Box is not registered, the agent name of the recorded file name is marked as unknown.

    e.g. unknown_date_recording start time_number.mp4

Can I change the PC resolution while recording?


  • If you change the resolution of your PC while recording, the video may be frozen at the moment of change or it may be difficult to use the normal recording function.

Recorded files are not stored on the USB connected to the RemoteView BOX.


  • If there is no moving LED light and it is not recognized even if you connect the USB device, you need to check if the USB is formatted to FAT32. If it in a different format, then go to properties and format it to FAT32 (all contents on the USB will be erased).

How do I include audio when recording?


  • By default, sound is output from the HDMI and external audio is output through the AUX terminal. If the connection is redundant with the HDMI, the AUX terminal outputs sound preferentially
  • If you change the sound output when recording, only the sound before releasing the AUX will be output because the sound input is not received and processed by HDMI.

Can I record and block remote access at the same time?


  • Press the Remote Access Block button on the RemoteView Box to end the screen recording and the Remote Access Block ON.
  • If you press the Record button while Remote Access Block is enabled, the remote access block is disabled and recording is started.
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