Does RemoteView Work On Computers With Proxy Servers?

Yes, RemoteView works with Proxy Servers. There are some entries that have to be made at the point of initial RemoteView Agent installation but you can use it like any other computer after the initial installation is complete. 

** Installation for computers with Proxy Servers. 

1. Initial Agent Installation. 
- During the initial Rview Agent installation process, click on (N) if you do not use Proxy Server. Then continue with the rest of the installation process. 
- If the computer you wish to remotely access uses Proxy Server and you know the property details of the proxy server, then click on manual proxy server installation button. You can also instruct the computer to automatically search for the proxy server. 

2. Making changes to the Proxy Server settings after installing the RemoteView Agent. 
1) Right click in the RemoteView Agent icon located at the right hand bottom corner of the remote desktop computer. 
2) Click on the Settings. 
3) Click on the General tab. 
4) Enter the information for the proxy server such as the IP address, port, and the ID/PW.

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