You can force the agent to delete information in the following ways: 

1. C: Delete the folder in Program FilesInstallShield Installation 
{FA170FC3-7804-4CC9-9649-96900B828FB5} Information. 

2 C: Program FilesRSUPPORTRemoteView 5.0Agent delete the folder. 

3. Delete the registry information 
(1) [start] - then type regedit in Run to OK. 
(2) Remove the Agent folder, and then double-click to move in turn found the following path in the Registry Editor window.
(3) Close the registry editor, a system re-boot. 

* Notes 
The registry system has become the information about all the information and applications needed during driving record is very important. Therefore, we appreciate when changing registry settings, see this point, our information other values ​​of the program where the Agent is installed, DO NOT deleted.

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