To Change The Device Agent

After first delete the agents previously used in order to replace the agent you are using a different terminal, you must install the agent on a new terminal. 

<How to Delete Agent> 
Delete from PC * Website 
(1) Login to the site 
(2) The agent removed from the Android remote device management page 
(3) Additional Features> 

* Click the Delete button to delete the agent from the viewer terminal 
(1 ) RemoteView Viewer App Sign in 
(2) remote device management page, the PC agent deleted 
(3) the terminal detail page> how to agents delete button Tap 

<agent install at> 
1 remote control to receive the Android terminal RemoteView agent application downloads 
(2 ) RemoteView agent application login, and then follow the installation instructions to install agent 
(3) after registration is completed, the agent agent application displays the information registered in the terminal

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