How to Transfer Files and Check Transfer History

* The file transfer history service is available for Enterprise users only. Please contact our Sales Team ( first to use this service.


[File Transfer During Remote Control]

1. Using the Toolbar


1) Log into the RemoteView website ( > Go to the Remote PC tab > Select the PC to control > Select Remote Control or Video Mode Control


2) When connected, click Tool, then select Send file from the top menu

- For Remote Control


- For Video Mode Control


 3) Select the file and click Open 


2. Using the Drag & Drop

  • Drag and drop the file to send.


3. Using Keyboard Shortcuts (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V)

  • Copy the file (Ctrl+C) and paste it (Ctrl+V).


[Open Received Files]

Check out the files from Users > Public > Documents > Rsupport > RemoteView > Received Files >C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rsupport\RemoteView\Recorded Files


[View File Transfer History]

1) Go to Statistics > Select Log 


2) Move to the far-right > File Transfer > Click View 


3) View File Transfer History


*File Transfer Limits

 - For Standard license users: up to 300 MB

 - For Enterprise license users: up to 500 MB

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