In the Computer Management page, if the PC icon is OFF, you can not connect to a remote PC. Please check the following conditions by remote PC. 

(1) Make sure that the connection check click the agent status reconfirmed 
(2) PC is powered on, the power saving mode or not OK 
(3) The Internet is connected properly Make sure 
(4) The agent programs on the bottom right tray is logged properly If the agent program logs out of state, right-click

> If the login 

<tray without the agent program> 
* Windows OS 
- - <if the agent program on the tray> start menu> all programs> RSUPPORT folder> RemoteView 5.0 folder> agent > RemoteView agent is running, click 

* Mac OS 
- applications> RSUPPORT> RemoteView> RemoteView Starter App, click / run 

(5) agent program is removed is if you re-install needed PC format or an existing installation is that RemoteView agent is deleted if the PC you can not be a remote control, and then remove the agent from the computer management page, if available must be re-installed. 

<How to Delete Agent> 
(1) Login to the site 
(2) deleted from your PC Computer Management Agent page - click Add-Ins> Agent deleted 
(3) deleted agent, the agent re-install the Install button

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