Games, CAD Programs Such As A Screen For A Specific Show Or Display Abnormally Hang

If a particular screen such as <How to change the control mode> 
Games, CAD for invisible phenomenon that occurs normally try to change the control mode to the graphics mode. One driver mode to transfer all the screen, you can see a black screen caused by the nature of the virtual video driver conflicts with DirectX. If you change the graphics mode, you can see a screen that supports DirectX. 

1. The remote control viewer at the top of the left-click on the red lightning bolt icon 
2. Control 
3. Go to Settings and select Control mode in the main connection to the graphics control mode application 
4. Start the program did not look normal again 

<specify automatic control mode how to> 
computers mostly used programs that use DirectX graphics mode, you set the control settings to change the settings any time, you can automatically use the graphical mode. 

1. Remote Control> Go to the "Remote PC" on page 
2. Right-click the control to select PC. 
3. Run Properties 
4. Click the Edit button to specify the control mode to save your settings 
5. GDI mode

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