How to Set Up & Use Auto Recording (Windows)

RemoteView uses auto recording function. To record the Agent screen, please refer to the instructions below.


1. How to Set Up Auto Recording

Go to the Preferences tab > Company Settings > Use Auto Recording 


2.  Administrators with Enterprise licenses can choose functions to activate/deactivate for users including auto recording.

2-1. Go to the Preferences tab > Company Settings > Default Value for User Permission


2-2. Go to the User Management tab > Click the User Access Permission icon> Select Remote Screen Capture


3. How to Use Manual Recording During Remote Control 


- For Remote Control

: From the top menu, go to Tool > Select Record in the red box


- For Video Mode Control

: Click the record button displayed at the bottom right in the status bar.


Recorded files can be found in the following file path, which can be played on the RSupport Player. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rsupport\RemoteView\Recorded Files


Download RSupport Player

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