Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 in Barcelona Review



Hello, this is Rsupport.

Recently, Rsupport has visited MWC 2018, the world’s largest mobile exhibition.
Rsupport has set up a demo booth at the exhibition in Barcelona, Spain from February 26th to March 1st.

Why did it go so far? This is to announce the Test As A Service (TAAS), a mobile app test automation solution.
Of course, we did not remove the remote support ‘RemoteCall’ which is our flagship product.

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There may be some people who are unfamiliar with mobile app test automation software.
This might sound complicated due to the long name, but it is much simpler on use. It is a software that helps you to test automatically to check if there is any issue with the smartphone app.



With the era of smartphones, mobile apps have become flooded.
There are just too many of kinds and even they get updated/upgraded constantly. As a result, there has been a need to verify the integrity of the apps before posting it online.

But testing every time an app is upgraded is not as easy as it sounds.
This is mainly because developers test themselves, which wastes resource and time. If there is no such person, it is usually passed to the outsource.

Some people think that it is inefficient to test by hand, and develop it separately to make the test automatic.
This also requires advanced human resources. Some implement the test code in the app, others develop a separate script to run the app.
Both approaches require to well know the app’s structure to be developed.
Even when the most effort should be put on the development of the app, a good reason must be recognized to do additional development just for testing purpose.



It requires large resources to test mobile apps.

So, TAAS was introduced. Not being a developer, users can create test scripts automatically and test them on various mobile devices simultaneously.

MWC exhibition reaction to TAAS was really explosive. Many visitors and corporate representatives wanted to know more about TAAS and visited Rsupport Booth. It was a reassuring opportunity to see that there was a lot of demand for mobile apps to be tested more efficiently.



TAAS consists of three elements: TStudio, TConsole, and TPlayer. The ‘T Studio’ automatically creates test scripts, the ‘TConsole’ manages the generated test scripts, mobile devices to test and test results in the cloud, and the ‘T Player’ runs the tests on the smartphone.



How does TAAS automatically create test scripts? The key is the recording feature. A user presses the Record button in TStudio and then control the smartphone from the PC, storing each action in a script. A click, click, and click to create the test script.



The created test script is posted to the TConsole located in the cloud. By selecting the script and mobile device to test on the Tconsole, tests will start automatically. Once the tests have completed, results are shown in a complete report. If there was an error, screenshot will be shown of the error occurred.



Run tests on multiple devices simultaneously with TConsole and review the result.

The TPlayer is the key player of the automated testing on the smartphone. Running in the background, it downloads the app and script to be tested wirelessly and controls the smartphone accordingly. When the test is finished, it sends the results back to the TConsole.



It is true that TAAS is the emerging star, Rsupport has ‘RemoteCall’ as the flagship product. RemoteCall has been the key player in the history of remote support and loved by customers around the world.




RemoteCall, remotely supports PC / Mobile / Sites.



RemoteCall, remote support S/W, No.1 in Asia and the No.5 Globally.

MWC 2018 was again the place to confirm that Rsupport’s technology is globally recognized. In particular, we were able to see the market reaction to the new product, TAAS.

We, Rsupport will work harder to be the global leader. We look forward to your continued interest and support.

Thank you.


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