[Announcement] Not available to use a RemoteView service in old versions of web browser, except for IE

Hello all, this is the person in charge of RemoteView of RSUPPORT
Firstly thank you for using our service.

Java Applet service is currently blocked in web browser such as safari, chrome, opera etc. as well as in Internet Explorer and thus, we notice you may not be able to remote control if the old version of Java Applet was installed.

Please check the information below and I hope you continue to use our RemoteView service without any problems!

*For MAC PC users
1) Go to https://www.java.com  via MAC OSC 10.7 & 10.8 and then please update java.

*Windows PC users
1) Go to https://www.java.com  via web browser, except for Internet Explorer and then please update java
2) In case that ‘JavaFX’ program is already installed;
Go to ‘Control Panel’ > ‘program remove or uninstall’ and then, please remove the ‘JavaFX’ program

Thank you.

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