How to bulk register user accounts

  1. After logging in, click the ‘Add user using Excel file’ icon in the ‘User Management’ menu at the top of the RemoteView menu.

  2. When the user registration window appears, click the ‘Download Excel Form’ button to download the template to enter user information.mceclip1.png

  3. Open the downloaded file, fill in all required and optional items such as user ID, password, name, and role to register, and save the file.
    (* Please fill in the required fields.)

    * Note

        (1) User ID: Verify the information to avoid duplicate ID with the existing ones.

        (2) User password: Error may occur when entering the password due to the security level.
             To change the password security level, go to Preferences > Company Settings > Security
             Settings > Change the security level in the menu.
      (3) Role: Enter either ‘ROLE_MANAGER’ (administrator) or ‘ROLE_USER’ (user).
      (4) Account activation status: Be sure to enter TRUE. If enter FALSE,
           the account will not be activated.
      (5) PC, Mobile support: Be sure to use a PC. If it is entered as Mobile Only,
           you cannot control the PC.

    * Example)

  4. Click the Select File button to select the created file and click the Register button to complete the user bulk registration.

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