Restrict specific service execution

RemoteView provides the ability to block and manage specific background services.

This feature is only supported on Windows PCs (Windows 7 or later).


1. From the 'Remote PC Management' menu at the top of the screen, go to the 'Preferences'.


2. From the left menu, go to the 'Company Settings'.


3. Scroll to the bottom and go to 'Remote service Run/Stop settings'.


4. Click the Use All button in 'Remote Service Run/Stop settings'.

5. Enter the name of the service (background service) name to be added in the input box and click the Add.(register the service to be control at the start of the remote control.)
• Enter the name of the service to stop on the remote PC only during remote control.
• Operating system (OS) and RemoteView related processes cannot be registered.
• Only Windows PCs are supported.


6. If you have entered a wrong service (background service) to stop, click the wrongly entered service (background service) name and click the 'Delete' button.

7. To restart the stopped service (background service) after the remote control is ended, scroll down and add the service (background service) in 'Register service to be executed when remote control is ended'
(register the service to both "to be stopped" and "to be started" list.)

8. After adding both the service to be stopped and the service to be executed when remote control is ended, click the 'Apply' button to complete the service access restriction setting.





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